Manufacturing Client Story: Data Excellence Paves the Way to S/4HANA Readiness

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, maintaining operational excellence and the need to plan for future digital transformations are critical for organizations to remain competitive and adaptive.

We recently partnered with a client that recognized the pivotal role accurate and well-managed data would play.

  • This strategic initiative represented a critical position within a broader global transformation program, setting the stage for seamless transitions from the established SAP Enterprise Central Component (SAP ECC) to the SAP S/4 HANA platform.
  • The journey towards S/4 HANA is more than an upgrade; it symbolizes a strategic move towards a more agile and digitally resilient enterprise, ready to thrive in the evolving landscape of business technology.

This company supports its manufacturing customers with technical services focused on improving operations, reducing costs and minimizing risks, delivering solutions designed to meet those customers’ specific and unique operations. There were a multitude of challenges going into the project, including:

  • Disparate SAP ECC instances that lacked governance and oversight over master data design.
  • A fragmented environment posed a significant hurdle in maintaining data consistency and coherence.
  • The absence of robust data quality management capabilities contributed to instances of data duplication and misuse, hampering the accuracy and reliability of critical information.

The organization also faced hurdles in fostering cross-functional engagement across business lines, coupled with an ambiguity in data ownership structures. A scarcity of process documentation also hindered efficient operations and decision making.

Assessment, remediation, implementation

Recognizing the need for a strategic overhaul, this company chose to collaborate with Protiviti to carry out a comprehensive solution. The partnership involved a meticulous process, starting with data quality and governance assessments to identify gaps and formulate a roadmap for future initiatives.

  • We evaluated the company’s existing data governance capabilities, mapping organizational needs to those capabilities.
  • Foundational elements of a robust data governance strategy were then established, incorporating the creation of a data dictionary, standards and policies.
  • To address data quality issues, advanced strategies were developed and implemented using SAP Data Services and Information Steward and those strategies were reviewed with business leads and other stakeholders.
  • Additionally, we deployed SAP MDG for Business Partners for a heightened level of governance over critical master data.
  • This collaborative effort aimed to resolve existing challenges and lay the groundwork for a resilient and future-ready data management framework.

Implementation took place over several months, from planning and design to build and testing to deployment and monitoring. User training and other production readiness features were also part of the plan.

SAP S/4HANA data readiness

The project showcased exceptional outcomes, demonstrating the efficacy of this organization’s proactive approach to master data governance.

  • A pivotal achievement was the design and implementation of a robust data governance capability meticulously aligned with the organization’s needs.
  • This initiative enhanced the overall data quality of priority data objects and laid the groundwork for a successful implementation of SAP Master Data Governance (MDG).
  • Additionally, a comprehensive data quality management strategy was developed and implemented, strategically preparing the organization for S/4 HANA data readiness.
  • The seamless deployment of SAP S/4 HANA MDG for Business Partner solidified an elevated level of governance over critical master data and underscoring the client’s commitment to a resilient and future-ready data management framework.

This journey towards master data excellence demonstrates this client’s commitment to innovation, efficiency and operational excellence. By prioritizing data quality and governance, the company positioned itself for its global transformation and continued success in the dynamic landscape of specialty chemicals and materials. Capitalizing on the organization’s pioneering spirit helped us underscore the importance of robust master data governance in driving organizational agility and competitiveness.

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John Jones

Associate Director
Business Platform Transformation

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