Podcast: Run Superstaq to Boost Quantum Computing Performance

Quantum computing is a full stack, from hardware to the programming interface. Superstaq is a software platform that optimizes code before it hits the backend quantum computer. The result? Dramatically improve program performance by orders of magnitude by modifying just one layer of the stack. The boost could make the difference when organizations are deciding whether a use case is viable today.

In this episode, I talk with Pranav Gokhale, vice president of quantum software from Infleqtion, our first threepeat guest on The Post Quantum World podcast. We touch on dynamic decoupling, cross talk, swap gates and more, and also dive into what how Infleqtion’s Supercheq, a quantum protocol for fingerprinting data built into Superstaq, is an exciting new quantum frontier.

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Konstantinos Karagiannis

Quantum Computing Services
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