NEW on The Post-Quantum World Podcast: Quantum Interconnect With Entangled Networks

Our popular Post-Quantum World podcast series continues to explore the latest in quantum computing trends. Hosted by Konstantinos Karagiannis, Director – Quantum Computing Services, the podcast features conversations with guest quantum experts and business leaders, as they discuss and share insights and actions all organizations should be considering today to prepare for mass adoption of quantum computing.

In the latest episode, listeners learn that things can get tricky when trying to cram too many qubits onto one quantum processor. Is the best way to build a machine with thousands of qubits actually to connect or “interconnect” many smaller processors together? And can this concept be extended to interconnect several large-scale machines across vast distances? Aharon Brodutch from Entangled Networks talks with Konstantinos about the technology that might get us to behemoth-sized quantum computing.

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