Digital Transformation with Dynamics 365 CE

Digital transformation is a new era of technology-driven change. It is an inevitable journey that every company, from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises, is embarking on as they evolve and adapt to the rapid changing market landscape. At the heart of many digital transformation projects is the need to develop a modern workplace, leverage innovative business applications supported by powerful infrastructure and generate insightful data to maximize potential returns to:

  • Empower employees
  • Engage customers
  • Optimize operations
  • Transform products

This digital feedback loop has profound effects on the modernization of businesses as companies reimagine products and services to meet and exceed customer expectations.

To acquire innovative business applications, it can be a challenging decision as companies contemplate whether to purchase or extend off-the-shelf software or to build completely custom software. Deciding between the two is not easy because it all comes down to the needs of the business. Enter Microsoft Dynamics 365.

When Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft, he brought with him a desire to assist organizations with their digital initiatives by reinventing business processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is part of Nadella’s vision. The platform removes common barriers between data, business processes and people by unifying CRM and ERP capabilities under one suite of interconnected, modular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. It provides productivity and artificial intelligence tools, using a common data model, known as Dataverse, supported by the powerful Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

The CRM capabilities of the Dynamics 365 platform are commonly referred to as Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, or simply Dynamics 365 CE. It includes core purpose-built applications, such as sales, customer service, marketing, field service, and project service automation. They are highly customizable and scalable to meet the needs of different business processes. Innovative solutions can be built using Dynamics 365 CE to help organizations manage relationships and interactions with their end customers. Hence, the term “xRM” is used in the industry in reference to the evolution of such business solutions. xRM solutions help organizations keep track of business relationships as they become more and more numerous and complex.

Dynamics 365 CE is a platform that includes so much:

  • Active directory authentication
  • Secure hosting
  • Browser choices (i.e. IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • Mobile choices
  • PowerApps, Flow, Unified Service Desk
  • .Net, JavaScript, C#, and more
  • Built for integration
  • Deep application security layers
  • Advanced find queries
  • Dynamics Excel spreadsheets
  • Dashboards
  • Business rules engine
  • Business process automation
  • And much more


Digitally transforming business with Dynamics 365 CE provides organizations with the following benefits:

Dynamics 365 CE provides easy configuration/customization and integration with other Microsoft products

Unlike custom software, the amount of time to develop a solution on top of Dynamics 365 CE is usually shorter because the framework is already in place, allowing the focus to be on addressing business problems. Each of the Dynamics 365 CE applications is built on the same standard platform, allowing for efficiency during development. In addition, Dynamics 365 CE’s flexible architecture integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft 365, Windows Server, Exchange Server, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power BI, and PowerApps.

Dynamics 365 CE introduces fewer post-deployment issues

Dynamics 365 CE is a mature product that has undergone numerous deployments around the globe. Most product issues have been ironed out, and Microsoft has a dedicated global product support center, thus eliminating the need for end customers to invest in research and development.

Dynamics 365 CE is price competitive

Microsoft offers flexible licensing options for organizations to choose from the different plans. Customers get more functionality at a lower price point than competitive custom software solutions.

Dynamics 365 CE can be accessed anywhere

Users can access Dynamics 365 CE via web browsers, Outlook, or any internet-enabled mobile devices. Free Dynamics 365 CE mobile apps are also available with every Dynamics 365 CE license. Productivity is increased as employees can work whenever and wherever they choose.

Whether SMBs or large enterprises, Dynamics 365 CE offers something for every business. Smaller businesses face challenges when deciding on the best CRM or ERP software to purchase. While large enterprise companies can afford the expensive licensing fees of custom integration, SMBs must consider the price and ease of use and often must pick one over the other. Since ERPs often include basic accounting functionality and can help companies manage inventory and production, they fulfill many of the basic needs of SMBs. However, without a robust CRM, those SMBs have missed out on the latest innovations in customer service and marketing. With Dynamics 365 CE, there is flexibility, ease, speed of implementation and a pricing structure that suits both SMBs and large enterprises. Dynamics 365 CE is the antithesis of the one-size-fits-all approach that most platforms offer. Businesses with niche requirements or particular workflows will find that with little development, Dynamics 365 CE can be made to fit their needs at a fraction of the cost of custom software.

With digital transformation comes the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is not surprising given that we live in a world of rapid changes, challenging us to be smart, efficient and effective at everything we do. On this front, Microsoft continues to invest in infusing intelligence and AI throughout the Dynamics 365 CE applications, enabling new modern experiences and greater productivity.

The business world is changing constantly, and whether big or small, companies must transform to keep up if they want to thrive in this evolution. Dynamics 365 CE is modern, unified, intelligent and adaptable. Start the journey!

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Eric Lin

Associate Director
Software Services

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