Will Portfolio Optimization Prove Quantum Advantage This Year?

Finding a specific use case that proves quantum advantage will radically kickstart the quantum computing industry. While universal gate-based quantum computers with error correction are a few years away, annealers – quantum systems from D-Wave – are proving excellent at specific types of problems today, especially in a hybrid approach aided by classical computers. Just how excellent are these systems? We might finally have an example of portfolio optimization that provides a thousandfold boost in speed.

In a recent episode of The Post-Quantum World, host Konstantinos Karagiannis chats with Sam Mugel from Multiverse Computing about exactly such use case. For more on quantum computing use cases, check this podcast.

These and other episodes are available at  protiviti.com/postquantum. Visit to learn more about how Protiviti is helping organizations get post-quantum ready.

To follow the series, subscribe to The Post-Quantum World wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, or bookmark the podcast series page. New podcasts are posted every other Wednesday.

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