Have You Heard? A Conversation About Honeywell’s Quantum Evolution

Protiviti’s The Post-Quantum World podcast series debuted earlier this year and has already attracted a large following. Host Konstantinos Karagiannis, associate director in Protiviti’s Emerging Technologies practice, talks with some of the world’s leading quantum computing experts, covering a range of topics and industries.

Recently, Justin Ging, chief commercial officer at Honeywell Quantum Solutions, joined Karagiannis for a conversation about that company’s quantum evolution. Honeywell surprised the quantum computing world in 2020 by announcing the most powerful system on earth at the time … then claiming they’d make it ten times more powerful within a year! Turns out that having a century of industrial research experience can come in handy when trying to alter the future of high-performance computing. This episode covers how trapped ion systems work, how Honeywell plans to keep increasing quantum volume by an order of magnitude annually, and if quantum supremacy is just a surprise moment away.

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