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Are you a tech leader pursuing opportunities to help your organization innovate by leveraging technology to achieve a competitive edge? Read the latest research in Protiviti’s Global Tech Survey: #ProtivitiTech #GlobalTechSurvey

Let’s explore #ChatGPT, how leaders might expect the generative #AI story to change over the coming months and how businesses can stay prepared for what’s new. #ProtivitiTech

Did AI accomplish what a quantum computer shouldn’t be able to—hack the CRYSTALS-Kyber algorithm using a combination of recursive training AI and side-channel attacks? Here’s what happened: #ProtivitiTech #Quantum

Discover deep insights about how organizations pursue innovation initiatives, what roadblocks they face, and the emerging technologies they have adopted in Protiviti’s first-ever Global Technology Executive Survey. #Protiviti #GlobalTechSurvey

Global tech leaders are exploring new ways to drive innovation and maximize the value of IT in an age of technology disruption. Discover key takeaways from Protiviti’s first-ever Global Technology Executive Survey: #ProtivitiTech #GlobalTechSurvey

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